Sunday, September 2, 2012

5 and 1/2 minutes after the 23 shots: What happened in those minutes?

A 3 piece video set of all original footage.
There are 2 separate video files.
One is a cell phone and the other is a HD video camera.

The cell phone video plays twice, once in clip 1 and then again in clip 2.
Clip 2 has zoom, slow motion and video stabilizer enhancements.

Clip 3 is footage from the same cell phone and also from a second camera, it is footage of the police moving in after spending 5 and a half minutes, of doing what,, is not exactly clear?

The question presented are:
  • What were the police doing in the 5.5 minutes after the they shot Keaton 23 times?
  • What happened in the first minutes and a half after Keaton was shot 23 times?
  • What was being discussed while standing very close to Keaton who was just shot 23 times?
  • After being shot 23 times, why didn't the police "move in and apprehend Keaton" immediately?
  • Why was it necessary to shoot beanbags at Keaton after he was shot 23 times and was not engaging in anyway?

An article that includes a link to the grand jury hearing, is in this Oregonian link below.
It gives an overview without elaborating about these 5.5 minutes in question.
Even the actual 700 page grand jury report gives very little information on those 5 and half minutes.


clip one //



clip two //


clip three //

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