Sunday, September 9, 2012

An article that includes a link to the grand jury hearing document, is in this Oregonian link below.
It gives an overview without elaborating about these 5.5 minutes in question.

Even the actual 700 page grand jury report gives very little information on those 5 and half minute that was raised in the previous post. In this link below there is a link to the pdf file.
A tiny URL was created here for an easy quick link to the grand jury document.

A four part video recording of the document is viewable in the four links below.
The four part recording was taken from the internet, by recording off the monitor.
Use the "stop / pause key" on your video player to stop the video, in order to read the document.

Part 1>

Part 2>

Part 3>

Part 4>


The pdf. document can be found here:  http:/

Sunday, September 2, 2012

5 and 1/2 minutes after the 23 shots: What happened in those minutes?

A 3 piece video set of all original footage.
There are 2 separate video files.
One is a cell phone and the other is a HD video camera.

The cell phone video plays twice, once in clip 1 and then again in clip 2.
Clip 2 has zoom, slow motion and video stabilizer enhancements.

Clip 3 is footage from the same cell phone and also from a second camera, it is footage of the police moving in after spending 5 and a half minutes, of doing what,, is not exactly clear?

The question presented are:
  • What were the police doing in the 5.5 minutes after the they shot Keaton 23 times?
  • What happened in the first minutes and a half after Keaton was shot 23 times?
  • What was being discussed while standing very close to Keaton who was just shot 23 times?
  • After being shot 23 times, why didn't the police "move in and apprehend Keaton" immediately?
  • Why was it necessary to shoot beanbags at Keaton after he was shot 23 times and was not engaging in anyway?

An article that includes a link to the grand jury hearing, is in this Oregonian link below.
It gives an overview without elaborating about these 5.5 minutes in question.
Even the actual 700 page grand jury report gives very little information on those 5 and half minutes.


clip one //



clip two //


clip three //

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Got Info?

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Video Released:

Keaton Otis 21 Seconds - Shot 23 times 

by the police on May 12 2010

A recent (re)release of cell phone video footage that shows the police shooting Keaton Otis, is 21 seconds long "with sub-text and a stopwatch added" to the top of the screen
The video stops at 21 seconds.

What you see (and hear) in those 21 seconds is best explained in these words.
"This is the truth, this is what happened. In these 21 seconds these are the last words a father heard from his son, who was abiding by the police orders" ~ Quote by Frederick Bryant - Keaton Otis Father

The sub-text added to the screen by Fred Bryant, who is Keaton's father, was re-released with no alterations to the audio or video file. It is posted below.
As people take the time to look & listen to these 21 seconds, it begs the obvious question; what is really going on, what really happened?

The released 21 second video out take is identical [other than the sub-text and stopwatch] to the video that was given to police and the press in 2010. Keaton Otis was shot in Portland Oregon by the Portland Police [Gang Task Force Unit] on May 12, 2010

Stop and reflect,
this is 21 seconds,
he was 25 years old,
he was shot 23 times.