Sunday, September 9, 2012

An article that includes a link to the grand jury hearing document, is in this Oregonian link below.
It gives an overview without elaborating about these 5.5 minutes in question.

Even the actual 700 page grand jury report gives very little information on those 5 and half minute that was raised in the previous post. In this link below there is a link to the pdf file.
A tiny URL was created here for an easy quick link to the grand jury document.

A four part video recording of the document is viewable in the four links below.
The four part recording was taken from the internet, by recording off the monitor.
Use the "stop / pause key" on your video player to stop the video, in order to read the document.

Part 1>

Part 2>

Part 3>

Part 4>


The pdf. document can be found here:  http:/

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